Zagreb JIVESWING weekend



Dobro došli na još jedan veliki swing vikend u Zagrebu 😀

Od 8. do 10. ožujka u goste nam dolaze Joseph i Charlotte iz Londona. Dugogodišnji učitelji s velikim iskustvom u podučavanju plesova swing jazz ere, vesele se ponovo doći u Zagreb i raditi s nama.

Čeka nas:

6 sati radionice
predavanje o nastanku swinga i swingu danas 
live band
3 plesnjaka

I skoro beskrajna količina prilika da doživite nešto novo i istražite nepoznate predjele svoje plesne mape!

Welcome to JIVESWING weekend in Zagreb!  😀

From 8 till 10 of March, Joseph&Charlotte are back in Zagreb to share their knowledge and love of swing and jazz era dances with us!

At this weekend you will:

Take 6 hours of classes
Listen to history talk
Dance to live band
Enjoy 3 dance evenings

And get almost endless number of opportunities to experience something new and to map the uncharted parts of your swing dance atlas!


full pass = classes + history talk + dance evenings
450 kn / 60 EUR  untill 31.1.
520 kn / 70 EUR  untill 28.2.
595 kn / 80 EUR untill 8.3.

party pass = tasters + history talk + dance evenings
20 EUR full party pass
15 EUR saturday only
5 EUR friday or sunday


You have been dancing for 6 months at least and you already realized that Lindy Hop is your favorite thing to do. You are ready to dig deeper into skills and ways to move easier and feel better on dancing floor. You want to focus on your lead/follow technique and learn some new, more challenging moves. You want to learn more about how to dance to various rhythms and how to add fun variations to your steps.
You are familiar with the six step and the eight step and you’re able to recognize and perform the following basic steps: Swing Out, Tuck Turn, Lindy Circle, Lindy Charleston base and side-by-side Charleston

You regularly attend workshops and feel at home at dance evenings at your local scene. You are a confident dancer but you want your dance to be even better and are eager to work more on your technique, rhythms and musicality. You have good lead/follow skills but you want to be more proficient in connection with your partner while dancing. You have a good sense of music and you are able to improvise to it from time to time. You are able to put some jazz steps into your lindy hop as well.