Party never stops!  Start your 2018. swingin’ with us in Zagreb from 19th to 21st of January!
We are organizing a swing dance exchange weekend filled with fun in good company and of course lots of dance related activities for you to enjoy! Expect various tasters prior to the dance evenings to warm you up for parties driven by our DJs and Good News Band, and on top of that you will have an option to participate in full workshop on aerials!
Best time for swing is now, come join us and dance those holiday cookies off!!!

Venues are near the city center with good tram connections (uber also works rather well). If you need accommodations we can recommend few great hostels with international atmosphere only few minutes walking distance from main square with easy access to many bars and restaurants just send us a message.

Payment for the festival must be done after receiving a confirmation email, which shouldn’t take more than 3 days after you registered. If we don’t get your payment in 5 days after receiving our confirmation (or 2 days before the event), your registration will be canceled. You can pay for more than one person with one transaction; if you do so, please write down all ID numbers while you do it. Payment details will be in our confirmation email. Thank you!
However, if you don’t receive a confirmation email in 3 days after registering, please write us an email before you take further actions.

As its an exchange there are no lead/follow limitations, only thing requiring registering with a partner is optional aerials workshop (2h) which also has a maximum number of attendants ensuring safety and quality and its based on ‘first come first served’ registrations. Thanks to our friends from The kickpack.

Welcome party (electroswing taster / 2 DJs) starts at 20h
Cadillac Club, Medveščak 2

Aerials workshop (optional) 15h-17h
Snow Queen’ Dance (2 tasters / 2 DJs / Band) starts at 19.30
Buena Vista Club, Savska cesta 120

Farewell Tea Party (taster / DJ) starts at 14h
Ritam Grada, Gajeva 2

PRICES (per person)
*Jump’n’Swing regular students have discount and can pay the fee after class or at dance evening!

35€ including aerials workshop
30€ no aerials

Saturday party only






*  *  *

SQS 2018