Electroswing Retro Fusion

Dare to try your classic steps with a modern twist!

This taster is all about development of dance, going from the roots to jazz modern hip hop culture and interpreting older dances such as charleston and authentic jazz with modern look.

Led by Suz, known dancer in hip hop world and beyond, who won multiple awards with her choreographies and founded School of Street Styles in 2012, after being active 10 years in the street dance scene. She teaches various styles: hip hop, house, lockin, waackin, poppin, break, dancehall, afrobeats…to all enthusiasts who dare to enter. In addition to dancing, Suz is involved in the organization of dance competitions, workshops and has youtube show where she follows events on the scene.
Suzana who also dances swing, along with her dance groups, is a gladly seen guest at many swing events happening in Zagreb!
School of Street Styles



Shag is energetic and fast paced dance in the swing family. With few figures which are similar to those in lindy hop transition for new dancers is easier after they get a hold of basic steps. If you like fast rhythms and fast moves you might just found the right dance. Whether you dance it slower or faster shag is always fun 🙂
This taster is led by Lea and Dado. Lea is one of the pioneers of shag in Zagreb and spent great deal of time doing research, visiting major festivals (Barcelona, Warsaw), workshops and just dancing (includes competing and winning in J&J competitions in both lindy hop and shag) to improve her technique and style. After joining with Dado they founded Back to Shag group through which they started with shag classes on a regular basis and performance group. All that to spread their love for the dance in small but growing shag community in Zagreb. Lea had also taught at local Shag and Balboa festival ‘Shag-a-bal’ and will be teaching also at this years festival, this time joined by Dado.
Get your feet ready, and take a spare shirt of course! 😉


The art of stealing a partner is not used much nowdays during social dance night, but there are special occasions which
create a need to change a partner with ease and style. Steal jam circles happen usually when there is a special occasion like someone’s birthday, but can also happen just for fun and for jamming on great tune with dancers having opportunity to show their best moves inside the circle. You will be shown a proper technique and learn to time your steal just right whether you are a leader or follower.

Your stealing master of the day will be Nejc with his partner Špela, dancers and teachers from Slovenia. He is often a guest teacher in Zagreb, whether it is lindy hop, balboa or themed workshop like stealing. With a long history of dancing swing all the way back from 2004, he dances, teaches and competes in solo jazz, balboa, charleston, lindy hop and blues. Špela dances from when she was just 4 years old starting standard and latin dances, later on switching to contemporary dance and from 2013 also swing. That vast experience came in handy when she started teaching lindy hop from beginning of 2015 often partnering with Nejc both home based and as guest teachers.


Dips and tricks

Want to appear cool on the dance floor?

Then it is the time to learn some dips and tricks. Whether you use them during breaks or songs end it always looks smooth and stylish. If you want to add something new and different to your dance or just dazzle someone you like with a new move this is for you.

Our teachers Tatjana and Goran will show you few dips and tricks which you can immediately use at the dance later on. With background in jazz and contemporary dancing Tatjana fell in love with freedom as one of the strongest feature of lindy hop and other swing dances. Her goal in every class is helping students find a move that feels the best for their body while executing it technically correct. Her interest in history of dance movement combined with love for music of swing jazz era lead her to organizing first swing dances workshop in Zagreb in 2011. From then till now, thing that always makes her happy is seeing a swing dance floor full of smiling people. Goran’s first dance steps were standard ballroom dances and tango but discovering swing dances made him dance floor addict. Love for music and rhythm keeps him dancing and experimenting all through the night. His inspiration are original lindy hoppers because of the love and energy they convey. As one of the founders of Croatian swing dance community, from the very beginning he’s been constantly spreading the passion and joy of swing dancing onto his students making them fall in love in swing more and more.