Saturday 15h-17h
Buena vista, Savska cesta 120
You would like to add some adventure to your swing dancing? You have always loved the acrobatic parts of Lindy Hop,
called Aerials? Are you ready to fly? Are you ready to throw & twirl around your partner? We will teach it to you, no
matter what your experience is! It will be safe and you will leave our workshop with new movements and tricks to show
your peeps! The focus is on the acrobatic elements, so knowing the dance is not necessary, however, we will show how
dance and flips connect. The workshop is presented by the company “The Kickpäck”, that is Franziska Pack (Berlin) and
Christian Peter (Zagreb). They are acrobats who started dancing Lindy Hop because they loved aerials and are now part
of Zagreb swing scene. To find out more take a look at their website – The Kickpack